Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Almost Time

Just a few days left until school starts. We will have three third graders and one second grader. Where has time gone? Went to a special lunch last week with Jace to meet with his teacher and friends. He seemed to enjoy it! He seems most excited about going. This week we have open house, kids get to meet with their teachers and take in their school supplies. The girls will have iPads that they have to take home every day now. So now I have to set up a whole new charging station. They have to be fully charged when they go to school in the mornings. Should be interesting! We went on another tubing trip last weekend, kind of a goodbye to Summer. Of course we all had a blast. I am so ready for school to start! I am just ready to be back on the schedule and not have to worry about daycare or where I'm going to take the kids when daycare is not available and for them to start sleeping on a normal schedule again. They seem to make their way to the couches every night or my bed! Time to get a bit more strict on it. Hoping they all do well this year and more excited about it than they were last year. I think they all have good teachers this year so should be good.

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