Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Makenna's favorite sport is basketball. She loves soccer too but right now she would choose basketball over soccer. She is excited for camp to start this fall. It's only a week-long but she seems to enjoy it. I think maybe a couple of the other kids will do it too. They have wanted a basketball hoop for a while now and we were just waiting until something came available. Occasionally she would go to our neighbors behind us and play there... they would even play with her sometimes. But the other day someone we know offered their's to us since they don't use it anymore. So we took them up on it and now we have a basketball hoop. The last few days she has been obsessed with going out to play. And of course the others too but I'm sure that will die down soon. She just loves to go out there and shoot hoops! Oh and try some tricks! Maybe we have a basketball star on our hands!

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