Monday, June 27, 2011

Potty Training Update

Well potty training is going pretty well. They are doing great! If they have a pull up on, they will go in at on occasion. I can't remember the last time I had to change a poo poo diaper from them though. And I can't remember the last time they had an accident. Maysie does GREAT even if she has a pull up on, even when she is in the pool or even at the store. She tells me and begs me to let her go! I have even become brave and started putting them in big girl panties. They love them and do really good. They are so proud to be in them. We still have some issues being in the bathroom too long and playing, but it is slowly getting better. They insist on going potty right before I tuck them in, so we have a new bedtime routine. We read books, then I let them go potty in their room in their little potty and then we get in bed and get a drink of water. It works pretty well and some of the time they are all three dry in the morning. They usually tell me as soon as they get up. One day...probably in a couple months, we might be able to get rid of pull ups for good...until Jace starts that is! On our way home from Grandma J's today, I did not even realize they had regular panties on, so we made the 5 minute ride home dry as can be! So proud of my girls, its about time!!

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