Monday, June 27, 2011

Our First Camping Trip

 Excited we are on our way!
 Eating food off the ground... yum!
 Having a snack!
 Checking out the fire ring.
 Taking it all in!
 Eating Lunch!

 Having fun with all the room to roam!
 Watching the fire
 Yum! Smores for the first time. They loved them until they saw the neighbors dog and were no longer interested!

 Loved playing with the dog, it was so funny! Dallas would nip their hands at times and at first they did not like it, then they started laughing hysterically!
 Checking out the boats and playing in the water.
 No we made a mini one out of the storage tub! They had a blast!

And home we came...this was the next morning, they were actually in pretty good moods!

Taking the kids camping for the very first time was an interesting experience. It was very much worth it but we had some troubles.

Rain on Friday and early Saturday did not help.

They woke up about 5 times in the middle of the night screaming and being brats. They were out of their normal, so they did not sleep well and the neighbors heard about it! I got maybe 4 hours of sleep, as well as them. That is nothing compared to their 12 hours they usually get. But our neighbors told us they could never do it and they were amazed by our patience with them. They did hear them in the middle of the night...but said it was no problem!

We did okay on potty training, but they wanted to go to the big potty all the time. So having three of them, we went about once every hour, at least on a walk to the big bathrooms! Occasionally they would go in the potty we brought. Maysie had a potty melt down at about 4 a.m. That was fun!

They got bored easily, had to keep coming up with new stuff for them to do.

They kept trying to sit in mommy and daddy's chairs and would fall over into the rocks and get hurt.

Maysie was so tired she would get so angry when she didn't get her way and run off...into the street.

They did not eat much cause they were having too much fun!!

Went to a friends sit to see their dogs. It was great! Jaeli ran towards their little poodle and the dog got all excited and started barking so she turned around and ran as fast as she could towards Josh. The dog got excited and chased her, running much faster and jumped on her back. She freaked and climbed up Josh so fast! It was so funny. By Saturday night Makenna made friends with the dog and I think Jae felt a little better about her.

Jaeli decided to poor a bucket of rocks on her head right before bed on Friday, i was not happy! I did not want to take them all to the bathroom to give showers especially since it was getting dark. So I dragged Jae to the shower and ran her head under the water. She was NOT happy, but we got it done. I probably traumatized her. Poor thing.

Makenna had to sleep with me on the air mattresses instead of her little mattress. So Josh slept with Jae and May. And then Jae woke up and wanted me and an hour later May woke up and wanted me. So half the night I had all three of them until Mak got mad at Jae and May for not going to sleep and went to lay with Josh and finally fell sleep...May and Jae never fell back to sleep. They were having too much fun at 430 in the morning watching spiders crawling on the tent.

They would not listen when we asked them to remove their shoes in the tent, so got everything dirty over and over. And kept opening and closing the tent... over and over.

Daddy took them for a ride at 9 a.m. on Saturday to try to get them to take a short nap. I decided to do the same thing and took an hour nap in the tent while he drove around. I think they got maybe 30 minutes.

Daddy took them for an afternoon ride around 1 p.m to get them to take a nap again, not so lucky this time! So we packed them up again later and took them to see the boats and play in the water a little.

They wanted their buckets filled with water and then would spill it over and over again. That was a pain for daddy!

They also wanted water bottle to drink, so wasted those and then they would spill them and freak out until they got a new one.

Kept opening the cooler of food over and over.

May and Jae freaked out about their hot dogs being cooked on the fire. Mak loved it. So daddy had to cook one  for the twins just enough to warm it up. They all insisted on condiments on everything...that was nuts!

Daddy had to go to bed with us, they refused to let him stay up.

Oh the bubbles were crazy. Those will be left at home next time!

They LOVED the smores, but they were so messy!

We had to keep telling them which way they were suppose to go, they kept getting lost and could not figure out where the slide was or where their tub of water was. Their sense of direction was horrible.

Aunt Kris and Uncle Greg got them these mini frogs, they loved playing with them, kept them happy for awhile!

They would run so fast they kept falling in the rocks, but I guess that is expected.

Decided to leave Saturday night at bedtime so we could all get a good nights sleep. We packed up and headed home, but first gave them showers. Oh that was fun. I started off by myself and THANKFULLY my sister walked over and helped me. I don't think I could have done it by myself. Josh said boys bathroom was nasty, so it was all up to me. I probably would have cried if I had to do it all by myself. Thank you Kristin! Mak liked it and Jae cried through it. Maysie screamed through hers! 

They LOVED playing outside and had so much fun. The sun wasn't even that bad, only had to cover them once.

Aside from the sleeping issues, everything else was minor problems that we can deal with.

It was very much worth it and we will do it again I am sure.

On our way home, Maysie fell asleep very fast, Mak about 10 minutes from home (45 min drive) and Jaeli was still awake upon arriving at our street so we kept going and finally passed out 5 minutes later. Got home, put them all to bed and they slept ALL NIGHT LONG!!

They loved it and we enjoyed it...most of the time. We will do it again, even if its stressful. Probably change some things...but now we know what to expect and can prepare ourselves a little more. Next year they may be better for longer trips. We will see!

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