Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The girls WERE obsessed with these sunglasses they got from a picnic we went to a couple weeks ago. I had five pairs, including one for Jace. He broke his right away. The girls made theirs last a lot longer than I expected. I had two pinks and two purples. Mak and Maysie had to have purple and Jae had to have pink. Well tonight Mak broke a pair of purple cause she wanted them since she couldn't find the other pair. So of course, I had to take them all and put them up. Oh my, they WERE NOT happy with me. I think the entire city heard the horrific screams coming from my house. They wore them everywhere! Good bye sunglasses. You will be missed!
The clothes in the first pic were an outfit I had that I thought was too big on them. But once I put it on, it just did not look good on them so we changed into the one above. It is an outfit I was saving for next summer, well it fit them pretty well, so good thing I pulled them out or they would have been too small. Looks like it is time to move everyone up a size. Big girls! We have our 3 year well baby check next week, that should be fun! So many doctor appointments coming up, lets hope this winter is better than last winter.
The outfit you see above is a set of boys pajamas I got at Walmart for 3 bucks each! Wow, that is 12 bucks for four sets of clothes. BIG SALE! (originally 5 bucks) Just one outfit usually cost 12 bucks! That is a deal! I had to buy as many as I could. Luckily I bought a few girl ones too. The plus side of the boy ones is that they all four can match and not just the girls! HA, they are going to hate me! I think I have enough pj's to last all week long thanks to my mom and hopefully Aunt Steph. They took a trip to the Walmart near them to buy me some since I bought my Walmart out of our sizes! It's hard for me to get out and go shopping, except on the weekend since I am not about to take all four kids to the store by myself! I can't take the stress... maybe one day. They wore these last year for winter and they lasted all winter long, So I know they are good quality and they are comfortable for them. I just hope they don't grow out of them. I know the pants will be fine, but they may be showing lots of belly by the time spring comes around! The price usually goes down even more, but the longer I wait, the less chance I will have of finding the right sizes that match or are at least similar.
They even had to sleep in their sunglasses! They loved them so very much. Do I dare try to find more to buy?
And then you got Jace who just wants to be like his sisters! Hopefully it will pass. If not, I will still love you buddy! Anytime I put this bow in their hair, he has to have one too...he loves it! And every time it falls out, he comes a running and wants it back in.

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