Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Creativity... Chicken Poo!

What you see on their heads is their new blankets (sheets). All summer they have been using a pretty heavy blanket when they go to bed and insist on being completely covered so the monster does not get them. Silly girls! Well, we don't have A/C in their room, so it gets really hot in there and they are covered up all night, so Josh suggested tearing a sheet into three's and switching them out. They were all for it! We played with the sheets for over an hour. Laying them out on the floor, running back and forth on them, and covering up in silly ways. Jace even joined in! Now they have to be covered up with it, but it has to be a full rectangle covering them. Yes, they say rectangle! Ha...they are so funny. They took a nap two days in a row and last night they were GREAT! Love it when they take naps.

So Jaeli and Maysie are very creative when it comes to arts and crafts or just simple things like making a design with their fruit snacks or doing something silly with their toys. Makenna on the other hand, she is very creative with her mind. Not so much artistic. A story to remember, it was so funny:

Mommy: Makenna, what did you eat, your belly is so full!
Mak: It is really hard, I am full!
Mommy: Where is all that food going to go?
Mak: Right here (as she points to her neck).
Mommy: Your neck, how is it going to get out of there.
Mak: It will come out here (as she holds her head as far back as she can and points at her neck).
Mommy: No way, it can't come out of there.
Mak: Yes, like this (as she takes her hands and puts them on her cheeks and squeezes her face while trying to pull her head up).
Mommy: No, you can't take off your head to get the food out.
Mak: Yes mommy, see (as she grabs my hands and puts them on her cheeks, squeezing them with my hands and pulling up).
Mommy: Your head can't come off goofy (as I am laughing).
Mak: Harder mommy (as she squeezes my hands even tighter and pulls higher).
Mommy: No, no, when you poo, that is your food coming out. And when you pee, that is when your drinks come out. (Mak looks at me in confusion.)
Mak: I be right back, I go poo. (as she runs to the bathroom)
Mommy: Okay, you go poo.
Mak: Mommy, Mommy, I poo'd my chicken!!!! (as she screams from the bathroom)
Mommy: What, oh did you go poo! (as I go in the bathroom to see if she really poo'd)
Mak: Yea mommy, it's my chicken, see, see Mommy! (so excited)
Mommy: Good job! (as I turn around and walk out so she does not see me laughing so very much!)

It was great!

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