Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Surprise Baby #4

As most of you know, we are pregnant! This was a huge shock to us. We were not expecting this at all. It took us 16 months to get pregnant with the girls, with fertility help. I was pretty sure we would not be able to get pregnant on our own. We both wanted more kids, but knew we would not spend the money again on fertility treatments. So I accepted the fact that the girls may be our only children. I was okay with this, a little sad, but was still hoping maybe I will get pregnant on my own down the road sometime. I sure did not expect it to happen so SOON! I can't even imagine what it is going to be like, 4 kids under 2 years old! It's going to be crazy! This is our miracle baby. I just hope it is very healthy like the girls! A boy would be great, but a girl would be so much easier! So either one will be fine! As for stopping after this one...we will see!

It took me two days to tell Josh, once I saw his reaction, I finally started to get excited! He was happy, he said, what is one more! So knowing he was okay with it, it helped me be less scared! I am now looking forward to experiencing a singleton pregnancy. I am hoping it will be easy, like my pregnancy with the girls! Not a whole lot of symptoms, loss of appetite, nausea here and there, and very TIRED! That is about it. We decided to wait and tell everyone at the girls first birthday, just because I would be 3 months we would know there really is a baby! And only ONE this time! I took 4 pregnancy tests that all came back positive, but it just did not seem real until we saw the baby on the ultrasound at 11 weeks, and even then, not as real as it was with the girls.

The 11 week ultrasound:

We took the girls with us, so that was interesting! Next time, they are staying with Grandma! They did good, just got a little cranky at the end...and bored!

We got to see the baby, we were unsure of the exact due date, since we were not trying. It was what I expected...January 19th 2010. The babies heart rate was 175. The girls were in the 140's throughout the whole pregnancy. Is that high? The baby also measured in at 3" which is long for 11 weeks!

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Amber said...

Congrats again on baby #4. I'm glad that I have someone else who will also understand what we are going through. Four under two here we all come!