Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Well, we are back from vacation! It was a good time, I think the girls enjoyed it too. I am glad to be home though. It is so much easier to take care of them at home, where it is baby proofed! The drive was not so bad, 5 hours with 3 one year olds! I think it was one hour too long on the way there! The way back went even better, we left an hour before bedtime! So they slept the whole way and the first hour they just played and drank their bottle! In case you are wondering, we went to Southern Indiana and stayed at the Ohio River Cabins in Derby Indiana. Near Evansville.

We also went to the Caves. No strollers, so we had to carry them. Luckily, I brought three baby carriers! Josh had one, I had one and my sister Kristin had one! It was about an hour long tour, I think they enjoyed the view and walking around. Makenna got a little fussy when we stopped to watch a video. Maysie got fussy being in the carrier, so I ended up trading her off with my mom every 10 minutes or so, and we just carried her with no support! Jaeli did really good as usual!

We also went to the beach. That was interesting! The girls loved sitting on the beach at the lake. (In Hoosier National Forest I believe?) We sat them all on the shore in the water. They all tried to eat the sand! We finally got Makenna and Jaeli to stop trying, but Maysie would not give it up! So she did not stay in long. Makenna walked around in the water for awhile. That was pretty funny! We did get lots of attention, more than I wanted! My mom and sis told me later that a lady was taking a picture of the girls. Seriously? I guess if its something you have never seen have to get a picture of it!

The cabin we stayed in had a great view and it had this huge porch on the front of it with a gate blocking the stairs! Aside from worrying about was like a huge play pin! The girls loved it! As soon as we got there we baby proofed the living room and set up the gate! We got the master bedroom with a bathroom, but just b/c it was the only room that would fit three play pins! The first night was tough, but they did pretty good the second night!

I will try to get some pictures posted soon! I think we also got some good 1 year old pictures as well!

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