Thursday, August 19, 2010

2 Year Check Up


Well we had the girls 2 year check up today. We had to take Jace with us too, so of course we had our 2 big bus strollers with us! They did better than expected. A little fussy, but not too bad. It was right at lunch time, so we had to stop and get lunch on our way home. They loved that! Jace got a little fussy in our exam room, but other than that no problems. Well, except for the crying after their 2 shots, finger prick and nasal flu spray! Only cried for a few seconds and then they were fine. Much better than it used to be!

Doctor said Maysie should not need to see a Cardiologist anymore, she no longer hears a murmur. She is just going to order an Echo around her 3rd birthday. So that was good news.

Jaeli has a little birth mark on her arm.

Makenna would not let the nurse take her blood pressure, they other two enjoyed it.

The doctor also said to expect them to start talking like crazy in the next few months.

As for paci's, I was going to start getting rid of them, but she said she thinks we should start talking about getting rid of them with them now and only give them to them when they ask. And then at 2.5 years old to go cold turkey. The dentist likes to see them gone by age 3. She did notice Maysie has paci mouth...but said would start to go away once we get rid of them. Should be fun!!!

As for hitting, bitting and what not... she said just normal behavior, especially for multiples.

Weight: 29lbs 3oz and 34.5" (75% in both)
(18mths- 26lbs 12oz and 32")

Weight: 25lbs 2oz and 31.75" (9% height, 25% weight)
(18mths - 22lbs 11oz and 30")

Weight: 23lbs 6oz and 31.75" (9% height, 20% weight)
(18mths - 21lbs 7oz and 29 5/8")

Just an FYI, Jace weighs 19lbs now and he is only 8 months old!


Jill said...

What is paci mouth? My 3 are addicted to them too!

Megan said...

Jill: Not quite sure actually. She was just checking her mouth...routine. And while doing so, she said, she has a bit of paci mouth but it will go away once the paci's are gone. I did not even think to ask what she meant!