Monday, August 23, 2010

Whats new with Jace...

Climbing chairs all the time!
Trying to play with his sisters.
Before the haircut. So cute!
HE LOOKS BALD! What was I thinking?

Well he got another hair cut. He was sweating all the time and his hair was always smelling bad from the sweat. So we decided to give him a cut...again! BUT...I did it way too short. I miss his hair :-(. I don't think I realized how short we were buzzing it until it was too late. It will grow back, hopefully by the time it gets back to where it was, it will be cooler out and we wont have to worry about it so much. It was like having a new baby, just isn't him! It will take a little while to get used to!

He has been trying to stand all the time, he pulls himself up onto anything he can. He loves to just stand there with you while you hold his hands and he moves his feet back and forth. He just laughs and smiles every time, he absolutely loves it! He gets frustrated when he can't do it. It will be any day now that he will be able to do it all on his own!

All he wants to do anymore is play with his sisters or on the floor trying to get into anything and everything! He loves to roam and find new things. But his sisters don't like it so much when he plays with "their" toys or "their sippy cups". Makenna actually hit him today for taking one of his toys away from her. She got a long time out for that one.

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