Monday, August 23, 2010

Our little friend the toad...

Our little toad friend (we said frog cause that is the word they know).
Checking it out.
Makenna trying to catch it.
Makenna getting excited because it was jumping. Jaeli watching and Maysie staying back!
Giving it some rocks to play with!
Had to throw this picture in of Maysie taking a picture with toy binoculars and saying... "sa-chaeze" (say cheese). It was cute!

Grandma J found a toad today while we were playing at her house. It was interesting to see how they all reacted. Makenna was curious and picked it up a few times and got scared a few times when it jumped at her! There was a lot of screaming and pointing from her when she could not catch it. Jaeli was not too sure about it and stood by Grandma most of the time. She did pick it up once or twice and squeezed it once or twice. She would throw it every time we told her to put it on the truck. She stood back and watched it most of the time. As for Maysie, she did not like it. She did not want anything to do with it. For about an hour after we showed them, she would watch every step she took to make sure she was not about to step on it or get near it. It was funny! That poor thing got thrown, squeezed and rocks thrown on it. I am surprised it survived!

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