Monday, August 23, 2010

The Beach

Makenna about to fall over.
Maysie playing with sand.
Jaeli checking out the beach.
All of them finally get in.
Not too sure, but daddy is in there, so maybe we will too! (I only grabbed two suits, and Makenna would have freaked out if only two of them wore them, so we went with out!)

It's been over a year since we took the girls to the beach. They loved it! We went to lodge family picnic on Sunday and the house it was at had a huge pond with a little beach. I had no clue how they would do. I was not suppose to be in the sun long because of some medicine I am on, so it was all Daddy! I sat back with Jace and just watched in the shade. Took a little while to get in, but once they did, they loved it. Jaeli stuck by daddy most of the time unless she was on the beach. Maysie and Makenna went all the way in to their chins. A couple times they took one too many steps and went under. But daddy had a close eye on them, as well as mommy not too far away! I was not too worried, there were lots of people around. Oh man, poopy diaper mixed with water and sand is not fun! It was the worst diaper I have ever got! I think it was Makenna, it stunk so bad too. Not sure what that child ate! I think they must have swallowed some of the pond water cause all day today I have had extremely runny diapers. Maybe its just something they ate, but I am so sick of poopy diapers!

We took both double strollers since Makenna refused to walk and we had a few things to carry as well. Thankfully they were in the van already. They sat in them most of the time except for swimming and eating. They did pretty good. Jace got fussy, but he was just hungry and tired. After we ate, took them for a walk around and he was out! I think we were the big show. We had lots of people come up to us and ask us if we had twins or triplets or if they were all ours. Have not had that much attention in a long time! Friends of ours there were just laughing at us every time we walked by them. They just got a kick out of our 2 double strollers strolling down the gravel! You know how hard it is to push a stroller in gravel, let alone a double stroller? It's hard! We had some really nice comments, very nice people at the picnic. Of course their was the usual, glad I'm not you or holly cow, etc. There were a couple, you are blessed and that is great. It was a good time.

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