Thursday, August 26, 2010

Problem Solved?

Makenna not so sure about it!

Jaeli loving the fact she gets to wear something new!

Maysie always up for anything!

I am hoping this will solve our problem of taking our clothes/diapers off and playing with our poop! It is getting really old. I am also VERY tired of DUCT TAPE! They have figured out how to rip it off no matter how much you put on their diapers. Clothes are always coming off after bedtime/naptime and sometimes before. So hopefully these outfits I found at Target for $4 each will solve the problem. They have no buttons or zippers and they go on by stepping into them and putting the straps over their shoulders. So we are now just tying the straps (that we sewed on using ribbon) in the back to make it just tight enough they can't slip their arms out. We had to use one size smaller than normal on each of them. I would rather un-tie three knots twice a day than duct tape diapers and whatever clothes I have to! I am just going to put them over whatever clothes they are wearing that day or pj's they wear that night. It's a great look, don't ya think?

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Jill said...

I hope this works for you Megan. Your girls are smart cookies! Good luck!