Monday, August 23, 2010

Smiles around the table!

Chilling under the table!
There is a cute smile! (Makenna)
Makenna rebelling as usual! (Maysie in the background showing her teeth!)
Think she was just loving the fact that she was aloud on the chair! (jaeli)
Jaeli showing her teeth.
Here is a silly smile for you dad! (Maysie)
Maysie says... Daddy, just take the picture already!

Daddy was trying to get smiles from them showing their teeth. He wanted "real" smiles! They have been playing a lot under the table. We actually searched for about half hour today trying to find a sippy cup. It was no where! Not very many places they could hide it. Grandpa got in on it and found it right was directly under the table, hiding in the fold out part. Sneaky little girls!

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