Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jaeli Eye Doctor Apt. and the Park!

Jaeli and I went to the Eye Doctor today and spent some one-on-one time together. And I was right, she did not do as well as Maysie and Makenna. They were not able to measure her eyes like the other girls. But she did let them look at them. Doc said she is fine and they don't need to see any of them until age 5! Yeah! I do need to take Jace in at age 3 just to check him out. I only took the girls at age 18 mths and 2.5 years old cause they were preemies. If I see anything I am worried about, then I am to take them in, even Jace. Hopefully wont have to though!

She then went over to my Sister In Laws house with me for an hour and we took a walk to the park. She really loved it! We need to take them ALL to the park more often. She went down the slides lots! She only stayed on the swing for a few minutes and then off to find another slide! She had a really good time. And went right to bed when we got home!

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