Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Halloween 2012

 Mr. Jace Frog!
 Bell, Bell and Ariel! They picked all on their own, of course the "identicals" would choose to be "identical" for Halloween too and Mak likes to be different just as she already is!
 Eating our candy after we got back. Thankfully there were not many houses, so not much candy. Makenna can not eat any candy but sweetarts. But I was able to find different kinds of sweetarts and she let me switch her candy out. So it worked out well. I knew they would not eat dinner, so I let them have their candy WITH dinner, hoping they would get a few bites in. It's only one day a year, right?
They don't get candy very often due to Makenna's intolerance to all sugar, so not fair to let them and not her have candy but Halloween I made an exception. So the others got to eat any candy they got that they wanted. Jace got to have a sucker!

Happy Halloween!

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