Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indy Trip - Monkey Joe's!

Sunday night we needed something to do with the kids cause we were not about to go swimming at the hotel pool, so we took them to Monkey Joe's. They had a blast last time and they are a little older than then, so thought they would have even more fun! They all did great, no one had any problems climbing unlike last time we went about a year ago. And because they are 4, Aunt Jarilyn was aloud to go up on the slides with them. It was much needed every time JJ got her feelings hurt because someone ran into her. She was so devastated and so sad that someone "accidentally" bumped into her. It was so sad, but Aunt Jarilyn was there to carry her back up on her back and down JJ went and was just fine then! She is so sensitive. Glad they had lots of fun there. Next year we will have to take Jace for sure, he would have loved it!
 Miss Maysie
 Miss Makenna!
 Miss Jaeli!
 Jaeli jumping around!
 Makenna very very high up and enjoying herself!
 Maysie having fun running around!
I managed to get them all together to snap a picture. Such big girls!

And the trip home... they had a long weekend and slept all the way home!!!

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