Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Kitchen!

Our Kitchen is one more step closer to being finished. Not much more to go, just a few major appliances, may take us awhile to get there though. But it looks GREAT! I have to give a huge thanks to Janna, Josh's mom and Rick for taking time away from there day, there days off and making our Kitchen look awesome! Hopefully one day we can repay you for all the help you have given us with our home. We love the new look and are so grateful to have had your help - we only did a small part of it - you guys did ALL the hard work and we really appreciate it.

Thanks to Rustoleum Transformations we were able to re-do our Kitchen at a very low cost compared to replacing everything. Our counters and cabinets have been re-finished and looks so much more modern and not outdated.

 BEFORE - very outdated!

 AFTER! Looks great!
The process...
 Cover everything, will get messy! Kids had to disappear for a couple days.
 Clean and Lightly Sand, then prime and paint.
And the fun part, the speckles...
 Sand and put on a finish coat.
 I am sure I forgot a few steps, ask Janna - she knows exactly how to do it now! Great job!
After a couple days of not touching them, it is finally finished and all is back to normal. It's finished!!

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