Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Jace - Trouble!

Since Jace did not get to go on our mini vacation, I will post a little about him. Yes, he does not listen well, he hits and throws things and pushes my buttons but I would be lost without him. He has me wrapped around his little finger. His kisses are the BEST, they may be slobbery at times - but they are great and can't leave out his big bear hugs! As you see from the picture, he has climbed onto his book shelf and trying to get to the top. He gets stuck occasionally and can't get down... but he just keeps trying!
He will be THREE in about 6 weeks. Where did my baby go? It's sad to know I will never have a baby again, never experience that again. I miss it, a lot. But there is so much to look forward to!

And my little sisters is about to have her baby soon, so that should help me get over my sadness of never having a baby again - and she has included me in so much with her pregnancy and it means the world to me. So thanks Kris and Greg, I appreciate it and can't wait to meet your new bundle of joy!

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