Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indy - Caribbean Cove Indoor Waterpark

So the biggest event of the weekend was taking the girls to Caribbean Cove Indoor Waterpark in Indianapolis. The only negative thing about it was the girls were about 2 inches too short to go on the BIG waterslides. JJ and MJ wanted nothing to do with it anyways. But Mak wanted to so bad, but they would not let her, not even if she went with someone. I bet next year she will be tall enough!! Jace wont be, but he will probably enjoy the other parts I am sure. This time he was just a little too much TROUBLE to take with us, mainly at the hospital for Mak's appointment but I was guessing we would have had a hard time keeping an eye on him at the waterpark since he is at that age where he likes to just take off and not listen. So next year we will see. The girls had so much fun and can't wait to take them back!

 Not sure what Miss Maysie was doing in these two pics, watching the water flow I guess... JJ was trying to look pretty for her picture!

 Aunt Jarilyn playing with the girls!

So much fun!

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