Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indy - Makenna's Appointment/Hotel Stay

This weekend Josh and I took the girls to spend the weekend with Aunt Jarilyn. Makenna had an appointment at Riley on Monday so we thought we would make a mini vacation out of it. Felt bad leaving Jace with Grandma B, but it wasn't a trip for him. I am sure he would have had a blast, but it would not have been much fun for Josh and I. Sleeping in the hotel would have been a HUGE struggle and chasing him around all the time would not have been fun. Next year buddy!

The hotel we stayed at was... okay. It was not the best, but you get what you pay for, right? The pool SUCKED! The hot tub was warm, not hot and the pool was freezing! Even the girls couldn't stay in it. They LOVED the hot tub though. A nice older couple joined us for awhile. We had some nice conversations with them and they seemed to enjoy watching the girls. We only went once!

When we arrived to the hotel we got a HUGE... welcome I guess you could call it. It was the biggest "triplet" reaction we have got yet. There were about a dozen high school soccer players there. They were all standing in the lobby so as soon as we walked up with the girls they all turned around and all shouted.. "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, TRIPLETS, HOW CUTE, LOOK AT THEM, IT'S TRIPLETS, OH MY GOD, HOW ADORABLE" blah blah blah. I know many people don't get to see triplets very often... but really did they have to scream??? It scared the crap out of the girls, as soon as they heard them they about turned around and ran out the door. And then, Sunday morning, I took the girls down for breakfast by myself while Josh slept... big mistake. I have never been so uncomfortable. I had eyes all over me and the girls... and comments being made left and right like we weren't even there. And of course, it was the same group. Finally Josh came down and it was a little better. We did have some adults come over and talk with us and ask questions, which we don't mind at all. So that was nice, it is just the screams and some comments people make that bug me. Monday we all went down for breakfast together and there was only about 2 other people down there so it was a nice breakfast!

As for the room and sleeping, it went pretty well. They listened very well and did not fight too much. I think I only lost my patience with them once... that is really good for me! It gets lost easily with them! Jaeli slept with Josh Saturday night and Maysie slept on the chair while Mak slept with me. Mak was the only one who woke up and it was on and off all night as she was yelling stuff. Must have been having nightmares or something. Sunday night Maysie slept with Josh and Jaeli slept on the chair and Makenna slept with me again. She slept good that night! They played well in the room and only complained a few times about no cartoons!

Thanks Aunt Jarilyn for spending the weekend with us, it was a good time!

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