Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Circus

Elephants! (We sat on the wrong side, so the big animals were all across the coliseum, but they could see um for the most part!)
All of them clapping!
Jaeli being silly...trying to avoid the picture.
Makenna clapping and Maysie being silly girl!
Jaeli and Maysie enjoying the show. Notice Jaeli's hand on Maysie's head telling her to look at something. They are so cute when they are loving each other!
A Bear on a bike!
A Horse!
Jaeli enjoying her butterfly with the pretty lights!
Makenna looking confused!
Just got there... not too sure what to think.

My mom, sister Kristin and I took the girls to the Circus on Saturday. (Left Jace with Aunt Mandy...he is not good at things like that yet.) They did pretty well. They were trying to take it all in, but got bored during some of it. They enjoyed all the lights and acts. Towards the end, they started to get into it. They were all three clapping and yelling... it was very cute. Mak and Maysie wanted to sit on my lap most of the time and Jae on my moms. Kristin helped out when she could...if they would go to her. Sometimes had to bribe them, but she helped out more than she knows! Thanks Kris! I don't think they completely understood what was going on, but I think they enjoyed it. We will have to try again next year.

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