Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Good Job" Chart

So the girls have been doing a lot of hitting, biting, pulling hair and kicking lately. I need to do something! So I decided to give this chart a try. This is just a simple version to see how they would do before I made actual ones. It went pretty well. Jaeli took to it best. I let them put one "Smiley" face on their board and then told them they could put more when they did something nice, or did a Good Job. And if they did something bad or were mean, I would remove one. Jaeli immediately went and got Jace his paci and blanket and then stood at her board pointing and saying "me". It was cute. The other two not so much. I had to tell Mak and Maysie what to do that was nice. But I wont be doing that anymore, just cause I don't want it to be something I have to tell them to do. Maysie was in a bad mood that day and I actually had to take her chart off the wall because I had already taken off all her smileys! She did something nice eventually and got it put back up, as well as 2 smileys. Mak had 3 by the end of the day and Jaeli had 4. When they get all 12 spaces filled, I will let them pick a treat. So wish us luck and hope it works!

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TripMomma said...

You will have to keep us posted on how this works...I just may try it too!!!