Thursday, February 24, 2011

What happens when we don't get a nap...

Today the girls decided NOT to take a nap. I knew it would be a bad evening, but did not think it would be this bad. Those of you who ask me..."What is the big deal about skipping one nap?", well... come to my house that evening as well as the next day and just maybe you will understand. The kids need naps, it is how they get refreshed to continue the day. If they don't, they are crabby, they fight 10x more than usual, they don't listen, they cry constantly. Yeah, one kid doing it is not a big deal, I could handle that for one day here and there. But when you get FOUR kids under 3, IT IS NOT FUN!!! I love spending time with my HAPPY kids, my fun kids. Yes, no matter what, we have our meltdowns and tears and fights, but it is nothing compared to what happens when they don't get a nap. Did I mention skipping naps are NOT fun! Even an hour is okay, but when they don't get that... it is hell.

So during nap today, they just played in their room, throwing their baby dolls against the wall, as well as any other toys they could find in their room. They also moved all their beds into the closet and kept locking each other in it. I did not care, I needed my time. Jace did not sleep well either cause they were so loud. I only checked on them if I heard crying that did not sound good. Thankfully their room is pretty well baby proofed, so the only harm they can get is what they do to each other. But that can be very painful to them, so I do need to check on them if I hear something out of the normal.

After they came out, they were fine for a bit, then a little while later, it started! They were brats! Big time brats. After dinner, Makenna was so tired so cried and cried for me to let her go to bed. Jaeli and Maysie had their mattresses and pillows in the play room laying down. I finally gave in 45 minutes before bedtime and said okay, lets go to bed. So we got dressed, while they cried through it, and took the girls to bed. Layed with them for 5 minutes and they were out! Then put Jace to bed cause he fell asleep in Grandpa's lap as well. So lets hope it is not an early morning!

Very happy that it is bedtime and these days are not too often!

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