Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jace 13 Month Check Up

Climbing into/onto everything he can!
And LOVES to climb the stairs!
Being goofy!

Had Jace's 13 month (1 Year) check up today. Went pretty well. Finally got to see our normal doctor. He has an ear infection, so put him on some new medicine since he had one just a few weeks ago. I am so tired of ear infections! He is doing great, growing great, eating great, etc. I told her about the gassiness after drinking Vitamin D and she said he is just probably sensitive to it and will take time. Since he is doing good on the Lactose Free Milk, I am suppose to transition him slowly to the Vitamin D milk. It is very unlikely he is allergic since he did well on formula. He was on Gentlease for Gassiness and Fussiness, so that is probably why he was that way with regular milk. It is not broken down as well as the formula was. But if I slowly introduce it to him, then his stomach will eventually be able to handle it! I think that is about it.

Weight: 22lbs 4oz
Height: 29.5 inches
(9 month check up 20lbs 13oz and 28")

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TripMomma said...

Nice growth big guy...so sorry about the ear nfection, I know how much those suck :(