Thursday, September 1, 2011

Maysie Jailyn is officially healthy!

Having triplets and a surprise baby, we got so LUCKY to have four very healthy children. It could have been so much worse. We did great! I feel very blessed I carried them as long as I did and Jace came along to make it complete! We had a few hiccups with heart monitors and a brace, but overall, very healthy! '

Knock on wood they all stay that way.

Some of you may know she was born with a hole in her heart, normal for preemies. We got lucky we only had one with it. Well for the last three years she has had probably 3 or 4 ultrasounds/echos of her heart. Each time it got smaller, just never closed. Well I asked the doctor if she could have one more and order the tests herself cause I did not like the heart doctor, he was creepy and it cost so much money just for a visit with him, then have to go to the hospital for an ultrasound too. So this time we cut one out by just doing the ultrasound and following up at their 3 year well baby check in a couple weeks. Well... I got a call from their nurse a couple days ago and she said the Echo came back NORMAL!!!! Oh I am so excited. Maysie has always been the smallest, who knows why, maybe cause of the hole or cause she got the least amount of nutrients while in the womb or for whatever reason. But at least she is healthy now! Maybe she can get a little fat on her and catch up to Jae, but she will probably stay tiny, but that's okay!

She did GREAT at the appointment last week. I was so worried she would fight it and not lay there for the 45 minutes it took to get it done. I skipped lunch that day and took a couple short lunches prior so I could have a couple hours for the apt. I knew I was not going to be outta there in an hour. Worked out good though cause I made it back to work with 10 min to spare! Anyways, we get to the hospital, check in and I give her a lunchable in the waiting room. She ate almost all of it! She never fussed or cried, waited patiently by my side. It was finally time. I had warned her about it the day before and told her she would have to lay on a table and take her shirt off and the doctor was going to put some lotion on a stick and look at her heart cause it had ouchies and she wanted to make sure it was okay. Of course she talked about it the rest of the night and was very excited when I came to get her for the apt. As for Mak... she was VERY mad she could not go. Her turn is coming in a couple weeks for their 3 year - shots! So back to Maysie, she got on the table, took her shirt off and layed down! She layed there for 45 minutes just looking around and watching Sponge Bob. She never made a sound. I could tell she was starting to get tired towards the end, but she layed there no problem. I think the nurse was impressed! Once we were done she got to pick out a stuffed animal, that did not go over well when we got back to Grandma's! I told her I was so proud of her and she walked out with a huge smile on her face!