Thursday, September 8, 2011


Josh and I went camping last weekend with some friends and my parents brought the kids up the last day we were there. I knew they would enjoy it and did not want to leave them out. They had a blast. I was hoping to take them to the beach, but it was too cold. The water felt GREAT the day before when it was almost 100 degrees, but the next day it was only 60 degrees. I was disappointed. We will have to take them there next summer, as that weekend was their last weekend to be open. THey had fun playing in the dirt, on the play ground and playing with little fish! And Jace got to go this time:-). Last time we stayed the night and it was NOT fun, he stayed with Grandma. If he went that time, we probably would have left after a couple hours of being there. We had to chase him down a lot just the few hours we were there. Maybe next year we can all go on a camping trip for two nights. We will see!

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