Thursday, September 8, 2011


Love this picture! They are adorable, how did I get such cute kids? Anyways, Grandma B bought them some boots for winter. They just had to wear them. They have asked for them the last three nights.

I asked them to pose for me so I could take a picture of their new boots. And these are a few of the many crazy ones I got from them. I think we might be in trouble. They were way too funny.

I think they understand they have to wait until snow comes before they can wear them out of the house. As Makenna says, with Aunt Jarilyn. So about 9 ish months ago Aunt Jarilyn came over with a sled and took the girls sledding down the driveway and to play in the snow. Well Mak remembers it all. She informed me that "I might lay in the snow and do this." as she waves her arms back in forth. She is going to lay inthe snow and make a snow angel like she did last time with Aunt Jarilyn. She is so excited! This kid remembers EVERYTHING! She also informed me she will be eating white snow, not yellow... which I think they did then as well. Jaeli and Maysie just played along as usual.

I told them after it snows Santa is going to come. And they remembered him too. Maysie is still afraid and said she does not want to sit on his lap. But Jaeli said she wont cry this time and she will sit on his lap. And Mak said she will too. I asked what presents he was going to bring them if they were good girls. Mak said a baby and a high chair for the baby and toys for the baby and a bracelet. Humm... did she just come up with that herself or someone tell her?? Maysie said now mommy, snow now! It was too cute!

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