Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Makenna LOVES salad. She would eat it day and night 24/7 if you let her. Think she was out to eat with Grandma and Grandpa and as you can see from the photo, they got her a big salad! She also LOVES ranch dressing. Has to have it on her salad and use it as a dip for whatever she may be eating that day. Well, at least it is healthy... for the most part! Much better than cake and cookies. Jaeli refuses to eat Salad, she will stick to her Mac n Cheese! Maysie will eat it, but not like Makenna. Usually if Maysie knows the food, she will eat it. She does not really have a favorite, it's just hard to get her to try new foods.

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TripMomma said...

So cute! I have salad lovers too...with "dippy" LOL.