Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I am so proud of myself for making them this year! I could not think of anything for them to be this year. I know I don't have many more times to choose their costumes, so I wanted it to be something I thought was cute and they would "understand". They are big time into Sesame Street so I thought I would do characters. I had no clue how I was going to get sweatshirts/hoodies in the colors I needed though. I searched for ever but could not find anything. And then another fellow triplet mom told me she could probably find some for me. And she did, thank you so much Astrid, I really appreciate it! So I bought some t-shirt transfers and put the faces of the characters on them! I think they turned out really good. We will see how the girls like them. And they can wear them anytime, not just for Halloween!

Here is who they are going to be...

Makenna: Big Bird cause she is the biggest!
Jaeli: Oscar cause she is the grumpiest!
Maysie: Cookie Monster cause she loves to eat!
Jace: Elmo cause he is the baby!

Hopefully they wont fight over who gets to be who!


Surviving Triplets said...

I absolutely LOVE what you did & want to send you sweatshirts to make them for my trio. They turned out FABULOUS! Glad I could help!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Is there any way you could tell me where you found the iron on transfers? I have triplet little cousins who are turning 2 and are obesessed with Sesame Street. I would love to make these for them. They came out so cute!

Megan said...

I bought the iron on transfers at the store, Walmart actually. In the office supply section. Then I printed the images onto them and cut them out, then ironed them on. Pretty easy.