Saturday, October 30, 2010

No More Paci's & Time Out

Well the day has come that we gave up Pacifiers, well at least during waking hours. They are now only aloud to have them for nap time and bedtime. It has actually gone quite well. The first couple days we had only a few melt downs each day, mostly by Makenna. They would ask me for them every once in awhile and I would just say, remember, only when you are sleeping. And then they usually would go on there way. The first few days I had to take them away from them in the morning and after nap, but now they hand them to me, so that is great! Hoping this will make the transition better when we get rid of them completely in a few months. Ha! We will see.

Time out has been going okay, not as good as I was hoping, but it works on Jae and May pretty well. Makenna, nothing works on that girl. But we manage. I had two great days, thursday and friday and then this morning was NOT fun, crabby, crabby crabby!

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