Saturday, October 30, 2010

Zoo Boo & Bluffton Boo

The girls did pretty good at the zoo for ZOO BOO! We decided to walk instead of wagons or strollers. They did really good for being tired! Of course Makenna had to eat something in her bag. She had a melt down at the end because she wanted a pixie stick, but it was close to naptime, so I was not letting that happen! As you can see in many of the pictures, they were nervous because it was something new, so they had their hands in their mouths. They are used to having their paci, so their hand became the replacement!

As for Bluffton Boo, they did pretty good thier as well. It was later in the day yesterday and lots of traffic, so we took wagons that time. They did really good. Just sat and went along for the ride. Jace was just chilling the whole time! They went right to sleep when we got home!

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