Sunday, October 10, 2010

Josie and Jace

I babysat my niece Josie this weekend and my mom took the girls to make it a little easier on me! Jace enjoyed her company. They fight like the girls do though. She is a hitter and slapped him a few times, me as well! They loved chasing each other though and laugh the same, it was funny! They stole toys from each other constantly. But Jace is used to it! Aside from her wanting me to hold her or be near her all the time, she did pretty good. Sorry Mandy, but that child has the most piercing cry I have ever heard! I don't know how you stand it! She was very lovable though, got lots of kisses and smiles from her! She only woke up once last night around midnight but went right back to sleep and slept through the night as well as Jace. So that was good! It was nice to spend some quality time with my niece who I don't see nearly enough!

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