Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Makenna's Hospital Stay

Pictures are not great. Was not planning on this so did not bring my camera and had to use my phone.

This was her the day before she got admitted.

Soon after we got there.

All hooked up.

Breathing Treatment

Visiting with Sisters!

Sleepy girl!

In good spirits!

Playing with ice.

A volunteer playing with me and helping me smear shaving cream all over the place! SO MESSY! But she loved it!

Bathtime... which she loved as usual!

Taking Grandpa's blood pressure!

Well this was our first hospital visit since the girls were born (other than having Jace). It was very scary. I wanted to post about what happened and what it was like for my own personal reasons. But if your interested, please read!

Sunday they all woke up with a runny nose and a bit of sneezing. Makenna also had a cough. She was having a little trouble breathing also. So I watched her closely and as the day went on she got better. She was a little more goofy than normal, but I think she was just having a goofy day!

Sunday night Josh said he was worried about her because when he went to check on the girls she was breathing heavily. No one was sleeping well. It was about the third night of them all waking up multiple times a night. Josh slept in their room the two nights before. We just figured it was because they didn't feel good and their runny nose was waking them up. But like I said, he was worried about Makenna and told me in the morning. I think he was up till 6 watching over them and then I got up at 630.

Monday morning I get the kids up. They all seemed fine, same as the day before, except Makenna. She was having a lot of trouble breathing and did not eat anything. When she doesn't eat, you know she is sick and feels horrible. They all layed on the couch for awhile. Makenna, stayed the longest. MJ and JJ got up and started playing and drinking their juice after a half hour or so.

When the doctor office opened, I gave them a call and told them what was going on. The nurse said the 3 not so sick did not need to be seen, just to keep an eye on them. But I needed to bring Makenna in.

So I woke up daddy who only got a couple hours of sleep and told him I was leaving and I would be back soon. I took all the kids to my moms so he could go back to sleep.

The appointment was at 11:00 a.m. I got there about a quarter till and got right in. I think Makenna and I were in the hospital room just a little after 11. The nurse came in and took all her stats, no fever, which was good, but did have an ear infection. And could tell she was having difficulty breathing. So the doctor came in(a new one, her regular doctor was out that day.) She listened to her lungs and said she could not hear anything on her right side. I said "oh good", she said, "no that's not good." She then checked her oxygen and it was only at 88%. They don't like to see it below 93%. So they gave her a breathing treatment which she cried and fought me through the entire thing. Checked her oxygen again (6 minutes later) and it was up to 93%. Then listened to her lungs again and said she could hear something this time. But not as much as she would like and said, "I think she is going to have to be admitted. She is borderline, but I don't want to risk it and we should get an xray of her lungs." I got tears in my eyes at that moment. It was so hard to hear your child has to be admitted to the hospital. I was so scared for her.

So I packed her up and a nurse came in the room to take us to her hospital room. Roon 338. Which was in the same section as the NICU overflow that Maysie was in. So that was hard too, brought back all the memories of the NICU

The nurses get her all settled in and I got her changed into the adorable hospital gown! She loved the yellow socks they gave her to put on. She would not go into the crib, so we put her in the big bed (which was supposed to be mine!).

It was time for the IV to be put in. The nurse suggested I not go in since it would probably get rough and thought it would be better if I was the "savor" after it was all over. I agreed! So they took her in and she cried for me as I walked out. Couple minutes later it stopped. I stood their waiting. Text everyone while I was waiting to get my mind off what was happening. Then I heard screaming and crying "mama, mama". It was horrible. I couldn't hold back the tears as I stood their listening to my baby girl cry for me and their was nothing I could do. Then a nurse came out and said she pulled it out and was going to get another nurse to come in and help. So again, more screaming. They finally got it in. She came out with her arm all wrapped up and a bandage on the other hand from where she pulled it out. She was very happy to see me, and I her.

Then the nurses got her nose tube for oxygen set up and the little gadget that went on her toe to tell us what her oxygen was. She actually did pretty well not pulling anything. Of course the nose tube was taped to both sides of her face. She played and tugged at it a few times and I think she then finally realized it hurt so she stopped. Same with the IV line. She liked the toe one cause it had a red light on her toe! She pulled it off by accident a couple times and freaked out until we put it back on. She freaked out about a lot of things. If you know her, then you know what I am talking about! She got tangled MANY times! When the machines would beep she would dance with them!

It was time for the xray. They brought up a wagon for her to ride in. She was excited! So a male nurse and I pull her to the xray room. It was a bit difficult because I had to pull the oxygen tank and the nurse pulled the IV line. But then she freaked cause I wasn't pulling the wagon too. So I was walking backwards trying not to run into anything! (The way back the nurse that helped pulled both IV and Oxygen so I just had to pull wagon) She did not like having the xray, cried through it all, but we managed. Then we get back to the room and refused to get out of the wagon. Finally got her out by getting her attention on something else.

They swabbed her for RSV & MRSA. We had to hold her down with a towel wrapped around her for that one. Thankfully daddy was there at that time. Both came back negative!

Josh ended up taking the day off and my parents took the other three for us so Josh could come stay at the hospital. He would go over to their house and watch them for a couple hours at a time so my mom could run some errands or do some work. My dad had to leave for Germany the next day, so he had lots to do too. Josh ended up staying the night there and giving me breaks as well. I slept with her in the big bed. And Grandpa came and stayed both nights until she fell asleep. I think she really enjoyed that.

The nurse said it would be a good idea to bring the others up to visit, to give her a taste of home. Well that was a bad idea! My parents brought them after they ate dinner. Makenna was pretty wound up, she was shaking a lot. The nurse said it was from the breathing treatments/IV/and her nerves. Well it caused her to be wide awake, she didn't take a nap and was a bit fussy and bored! She was excited to see them and they her. But Makenna just wanted to get down and play with them and ride in the stroller. So her cords kept beeping from falling off and what not. I think everyone was tired. So they went home and we calmed her back down. It was nice to see them though.

Later that night the doctor came in and said he saw a small part on her right lung that was an indication of pneumonia and bronchitis. So he put her on some medicine and said we would just have to watch her. He said he has had kids who get over it in 24 hours and some it takes weeks. So I was praying it would be sooner than later. He also said her regular doctor would be the doctor on call in the morning. So that was great! He said her oxygen had to be above 93% for at least 4 hours and while she was sleeping. They started her on 1/8 and by that night she was all the way up to 3. She had to be at 93% off of it. So I figured we might be there another night but would not know until morning.

That night they were able to decrease her but then at times had to increase her. It was a rough night because she was having breathing treatments every 2 hours all night long. I think one time, maybe the 2 a.m. one I was helping with and I fell asleep during it! She of course cried through them all so I tried to be very careful not to wake her. But if she did wake up, she usually went right back to sleep for me. However, that night she did not fall asleep until 10pm. Normal bedtime is 7p.m. And of course, she was up at 630am.

That morning she ate breakfast, first real meal she had in 24 hours. She was on maybe 1 of oxygen and lungs were sounding much better. Her doctor came in and said she was doing great but again, had to keep it above 93%. So when she takes a nap, we should get a better idea. But that she might have to stay another night. We would know more as the day went on. And to take her down to breathing treatments every 3 hours instead of 2! She never took a nap. She did eat 3 meals that day and a couple snacks. But it was kind of a given that we were staying another night when 5pm came around and she was still on 1/4 - 1/2 Oxygen.

The one good thing we got out of this experience is that it helped her with her shyness. There were some nurses she would play with and some she would be really shy with. She did take to the cleaning lady really well. It was so cute! The lady kept coming back to visit her and play peek a boo! Makenna would cry every time she left! As time went on she started to get used to them taking her stats as well, like blood pressure and temperature. Still not so well with the breathing treatments. A friend of mine from way back when is a nurse at Lutheran and was able to stop in for a visit. I had not seen her since the girls were born. So that was nice! But of course, Makenna was being shy. My aunt Kathy also came up last night and brought me and Makenna dinner. Makenna took to her pretty well. Thanks Kathy!

The doctor came in just as she was finally falling asleep from such a long day! She was on 1/8L of oxygen. The doctor was pleased and said we could move her to every 4 hours instead of 3. And as the night goes on while she is sleeping try to wean her off the oxygen completely. Again, her lungs were getting better each time.

For the next few hours she was able to be weaned down to NO oxygen to see how she would do through the night. Right around the time she was taken down to 0, Josh came in to relieve me after he got off work so I could go to my parents and get some sleep. I think it was about 1 a.m.

I finally got 6 full hours of straight sleep. It was great. I got up and helped my mom with the kids for an hour and then headed to the hospital. Josh told me that she stayed off the oxygen all night and it stayed up. And the doctor had been there about half hour before I got there and gave the okay to go home. But had to be on breathing treatments for the next week. I was so excited for her! He did say though that he didn't get any sleep because she woke up from 2 a.m. ish until 4 a.m. ish! She was scared and calling out for me and looking around for me. But he talked to her for a little while and was happy to have him there with her. She kept playing with the bed making it go up and down! (that was her favorite thing) So I sent him home to take a nap before work and I waited around with Makenna for discharge.

Discharge took a little while, but were able to get out of there about noon, 3 hours after I got there! Taking the tape off her arms went pretty well, the nurse did a great job. But then we got to her face. Her poor face, she looked so funny when she smiled cause there was so much tape on her face. She did cry through the second one coming off. Her checks now have red marks on them. But hopefully go away soon. She loves her band-aid and wont let it come off! She was excited to get in her stroller and get dressed. She was sent home with a breathing machine that we now own and are going to owe butt loads of money on! She is to have them every 4 hours tonight and tomorrow all day/night. And then Friday only during the day unless she seems like she needs it at night. And to hopefully be able to wean her down to twice a day by the time she sees her doctor on Tuesday! She of course still screams through them, but hoping to bribe her with m&m's to see if that helps!

And of course she was back to her old self when we got back to my parents house to play with her siblings. Fighting as usual! Left the twins with my mom and took Jace and Makenna home after lunch so we could get settled before they are all here! She fell asleep in the car on our way home and stayed asleep as I put her on the couch. She slept for about 2 hours. It was nice to spend some quality time with Jace. I miss my other babies so much. I can't wait to get the twins back!

Bedtime was rough. She cried for me to lay with her until she fell asleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be better since her sisters will be in there with her.

To have all four of my babies back home with me will be great. Should be interesting though since Jaeli is scared to death when Makenna gets a treatment. Afraid she is next!

I hope I don't have to do this again anytime soon with any of them!

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