Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jace 9 month Apt. (Makenna Follow Up Apt.)

I took Jace and Makenna to their doctor today. It was Jace's 9 month check up Makenna's follow up apt. after being in the hospital.

Jace is right on track, right where he needs to be! I was a bit worried about him eating too much, but he isn't gaining too much weight so I should keep doing what I am doing and slowly transition him to finger foods and less formula as time goes on. I should add he has been doing better with baby food. I just offer it to him 3 hours after his last bottle and he eats 2 jars mixed with cereal or rice. So this allows him to skip one bottle and not have formula 5 times a day! He is in the 50th percentile for everything but head...75%. He has always had an above average head size! He is 20lbs 13oz and 28in tall! (only 2 lbs from Maysie!)

As for Makenna... she is doing great! Doc said her lungs sound perfect and we can stop the treatments unless we notice her coughing a lot or breathing hard, then to give her one and see if it helps. But she doubts we will need to. She did lose a couple ounces, but I am sure she will gain it back in no time!

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