Sunday, October 10, 2010


Makenna and Jaeli laying on the couch watching Elmo.

Jaeli laying on the recliner watching Elmo.
Not sure if I should be concerened, but occasionally Jaeli will wake up looking like she has one or two swollen eyes. Could this just be her after she wakes, or is she allergic to something she ate the night before? Have no idea. But it almost always goes away within an hour after she wakes.

So the girls, and Jace, all caught a cold a week or two ago. As you all know, Makenna got it the worst. Jaeli, Maysie and Jace just had runny nose and that was pretty much it. Felt lousy for a couple days but got over that quick. These picks were taken two days before Makenna was in the hospital. I think Daddy is getting it too, hopefully not like Makenna! I am on some medicine that I think, I hope is keeping me from catching it. Crossing my fingers!

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