Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Time Outs

I decided to try a new approach to discipline. Nothing was working, so I thought that since the Laundry Room is directly attached to the Play Room, it would be a great place for time-out where I could see them. The washer and dryer being on, just helps that much more! I count to 3 and then they go in for a minute or two. They do try to climb out occasionally, but usually just tell them to get down and they do. They don't really like being in there, well except for the very first time when they all three wanted in at the same time and ran back and forth, hitting the washer and dryer, while screaming! They don't do it anymore, now they want out and not in! So hopefully it keeps working and we can get some well behaved kids! HA HA HA! They are biting and hitting less, so that is good!

And then there is Jace... Somehow, someway, he put himself in time-out! I heard him crying, walked over and found him stuck in-between the gate and wall. No clue how he got in there!

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