Sunday, January 23, 2011


If you look at Makenna's stomach, you will see three bandaids on her belly. She actually had a small cut...but once she got bandaids, the other two HAD TO have them too. This was my mom's doing. Josh and I refuse to do it anymore. We let them cry it out. But of course, my mom being Grandma, can't stand to see them cry, so she lets all three of them have um. It usually causes huge melt downs when we try to take them off all three of them then. (More than just telling the other two they can't have them.) But I can't blame her, that is what Grandma's are for, but I am still sticking to my rule of no bandaids unless you are bleeding! The obsession with them is crazy! Even when I have one on my finger or someone else has one, they are obsessed with it! Hopefully they outgrow it soon.

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