Sunday, January 23, 2011


They all have broken out on their face. I have sanitized every paci that they use for bedtime and nap, hoping it helps stop it from continuing. They all have sensitive skin, so when they are sick, it makes it worse and then the paci's make it even more worse.
Maysie giving me a smile.
Maysie trying to open her eyes.
Maysie feeling like crap, here eyes were shut like this for almost 24 hours! She was so miserable.

It started with Maysie, she had fever, runny nose, mild cough, sneezing, the shakes, chattering teeth, lethargic and hoarse voice. She seemed to have it the worst so far. Jaeli just got it yesterday, so if it lasts as long as Maysie's did, then she should be over the majority of it by tomorrow. And her hoarse voice makes her sound so terrible, I feel so bad for her when she talks. Makenna is starting to show signs of it as well as Jace. But thankfully the worst of it only lasts for 24 hours. I almost took Maysie to the doctor, but when she was doing so much better the next day, I knew it was just a quick cold and they would all, should all, get over it pretty quick. A little worried about Mak, from having pneumonia in October, hoping she does not get that sick again. Just have to keep a close eye on all of them. Jaeli never got a fever, so hopefully the other three wont either. I think I am starting to get signs of it as well...oh I hope I get lucky and don't get it... yeah right! Aside from them all being overly fussy and needy, it has not been too bad. Just sad to hear their raspy voices and cries!

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