Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jace and his Car (And Milk Issues)

Jace loved his car. The girls were with my mom for a couple days, so I left this in the play room while they were gone. It kept him entertained the whole time! He loved it. He learned how to get in and out by himself and to go around to open the door instead of trying to climb over the other side. Went to the basement when the girls came home. Did not want to deal with the fighting. They can play with it and the others when we have "basement" time!

As for him and drinking milk...not going so well. When I switched him to Vitamin D milk from formula, he was becoming extremely gassy and in pain almost every day. He would only drink 1 to 2 of his 3 sippies of milk a day. He did not really care for it. So I talked to the doctor and she said to try and switch him to Soy Milk or Lactose Free Milk and see what happens. So I switched him to Soy and he loved it at first, drank all three bottles for about 2 days. Then did not want them so much anymore. But it helped the that was good. So now I am trying the Lactose Free to see how that goes, and he drinks about the same as he was with the Vitamin D milk. I don't know what to do! He seems hungry all the time, I give him three meals a day plus two snacks. He will drink juice-water all day long if I let him. Maybe he just does not care for milk. So I have been trying to add more cheese and yogurt to his diet to make up for it. We see the doctor in a week, so hopefully she will have some answers and advice for us.

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