Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sisterly Love!

I love it when the girls play so nice with each other. These are just one of the many moments that make it all worth it! They were being silly and playing with their babies.

We went to Pizza Hut with my mom today for lunch and when we were leaving some people asked us if they were triplets, they had been staring a lot! We don't get it very often anymore since Mak looks so much older. But anyways, we said yes and they were asking a few questions, not too many. So it was not too bad. But as we were getting ready to walk out, we asked them if they wanted to walk, and they all said yes. So Maysie and Makenna started to hold hands and then asked Jaeli to hold their hands. So they were in a circle and started walking that way. It was so cute, everyone was and laughing at them. They straightened out into a line once we got out of the restaurant and walked that way to the car! It was very cute.

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