Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh So Much Fun!

The kids Aunt Jarilyn got Jace this huge blow up ball that they could go inside of. It makes a great basement toy. But we blew it up in the play room first and let them play in it for an hour or so. Oh when we took it away... the world was over! They were NOT happy! The girls enjoyed it and played with it much more than Jace. Some day he will be bigger than them and not get pushed to the side so much. And it's gonna be here soon!
Makenna wanting on top of the ball.
Mak waiting patiently while the ball is being blown up. Loved her face of such excitement!
The girls inside the ball for the first time!
Maysie waiting quietly to be aloud to get into it, sitting at the entrance.
Jaeli loved sitting on top!
Jaeli waiting to get in!
Aunt Jarilyn getting in with um!
Jace peeking through!
Jace finally getting in!
Jace trying rolling around!
Jace had to give the top a try.
He was more interested in the air compressor than the ball. Very mad at me for not letting him touch or play with it.
Very Mad!
Sisterly love!
All four of them in the ball!
Helping Grandpa!

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