Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Goofy!

The girls decided they wanted to sit on top of the table, so of course I had to get Jace in on it and position them for a picture! Jace kept jumping off so it did not last long!

Don't really have a lot to post about today. Not much going on. They are all starting to feel better. I think Jace, Jaeli and Maysie have some teeth coming in though, so they do get fussy at times. It seems to hurt when I brush their teeth. Other than that, everyone is doing pretty well.

Makenna: When she is not sick, she is so incredibly sweet. She has the biggest heart. She is very nice to everyone (unless someone has a toy she wants) and always giving hugs and kisses. She tells stories all the time, I can usually "guess" what she is saying by hearing specific words. Otherwise, it is all gibberish cause she talks so fast! She knows most of her colors and can count to 3 now. I hear her "trying" to sing her ABC's on occasion. I hear A B C then again, gibberish!

Jaeli: She loves attention, if she is in a good mood! If she is in a bad mood, stay away cause she is MEAN! She always comes up to me a few times a day just to be cuddled and then goes back to play. Because she is getting teeth in, she has been pretty fussy. But once the tylenol kicks in, she is usually a very sweet and loving girl! She has picked up on an appetite lately. She LOVES meat! She also loves pasta, so anything with pasta and/or meat she usually pigs out on.

Maysie: She is so silly, always trying to make me or someone laugh. She also LOVES to test me. She does something just to see what I will do. I need to start getting more strict with her. She can still be a lot of drama! If she does not get her way or her sister brushes by her, she gets so mad. She has been sitting with me a lot more lately. Again, I think its the teeth. She is very sensitive and gets her feeling hurt very easily. She just freezes and then starts to cry. So sad.

Jace: He will be the big 1 soon! I can't believe how big he is and how fast it went. I miss my baby, more than I want to admit. He loves to tease his sisters and when they take something from him, the world is over! He lets me know. We are starting to transition to milk. He started to seem less and less interested in formula every day, so I thought it was time. He is getting better. Soon he will be on the same eating schedule as the girls. He loves to cuddle too, especially after crying.

Girls: They have been pretend playing a lot more lately. They read to their babies, give um a bath and make them something to eat. They love to make everyone else something to eat too. It is so funny to watch them play. They are growing up so fast and becoming big girls! They are fighting a lot, but not as much as they used to. I can usually stop it before it gets too bad. Time out in their room has been working great, they hate it, and it gives me a break from the crying!

All: My mom has been taking three of the four kids a couple days a week and leaving me with one. She use to just take the girls, but we wanted to include Jace too. Four is a lot on her, but three she is used to. I love it too, cause now I get some one-on-one time with the girls as well as Jace. Jace could be very difficult when by himself, he was so bored. He loves to be with his sisters. I do miss having him by himself during those days more than I thought I would. As for the girls, I learn something about each of them when we have this time together. I am really starting to see their individual personalities and I think they enjoy the time with me and freedom. Of course they ask about their sisters and brother, but only on occasion when they see something of theirs. I do spoil them on the one-on-one time, but so far, they go back to "normal" when their siblings come home.

I will be posting Jace's first birthday montage in a few days when he turns 1, so if you have not seen it, be looking for it!

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