Friday, December 23, 2011

Good vs Bad

Good verses bad. It's like day and night. When she has fructose, the above video is how she acts for 24 hours straight. Below is how she acts for days at a time when we cut it out of her diet. And the "bad" video does not show the complete effect of it, it is usually worse than what you will see. Before we cut out fructose, I just assumed it was 3 year old behavior, she was just much more outspoken and temperamental than the others. But after seeing the change, I KNOW there has to be something she is eating to cause her to have these major mood swings. It's just unbelievable. Ready to go to the doctor and have her tested so I know for sure or can look into other possibilities. I wont give up until I figure it out. Ask anyone who is close to her and they will tell you the same as me... there is a HUGE difference!

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