Monday, December 5, 2011

Way behind... but something funny to tell!

So hoping to get some pictures updated in the next couple days... until then. Here are two stories for you...

Makenna asked me a question today I did not have an answer for. What would you have told her?
Something like... "How is Ariel (the little mermaid) supposed to go to the bathroom?"
Had no clue what to tell her.

Maysie has been waking up the last few nights AGAIN in the middle of the night asking for a drink or to go potty. When she goes potty its just a tinkle and when she has a drink, its not even a sip. So she is doing just to do it, a very light sleeper. So the other night I wanted to get some sleep, ALL night long. So I told her (short version) if she gets out of bed to go potty or get a drink I was going to take her (lovey) blanket away. So the next morning she gets up and says... "Mommy, I didn't wake you up!" all excited, very proud of herself. So I told her to give me 5 and I was proud of her. And then Daddy says something like... "No, she cried for some water before he went to bed." She looks at him and gives him the most evil eye you have ever seen and just stares him down for a few minutes. It was hilarious! She then laid on my shoulder and pouted. She was so mad at him for ruining it for her. Oh that girl LOVES drama!

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