Thursday, December 8, 2011

Way behind, here are some photos!

 They LOVE Animals!
 Stickers are so much fun, keeps them busy for hours!
 They have so much fun making cookies with Grandma!
 Jaeli having fun with Grandpa's computer!
 Sisterly love!
 Fun with Uncle Greg!
 Lets go, we are ready for the snow!
 Christmas toys!
 Why are they plugging their ears? Well... they don't like the sound of the public toilets when they flush on their own! At least Maysie goes in there now... before she refused to enter a public bathroom no matter how much she had to go!
 New sleeping arrangements at Grandma's!
 They destroyed their beds at Grandma's so she had to figure something else out, they seem to enjoy it. Any bets on how long it will take them to destroy this set up?
 They love to draw!
 Sesame Street toys!
Makenna LOVES to learn!

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