Thursday, December 8, 2011


 Laying in Grandma's bed waiting for Santa to come.
 They freaked out, especially MJ and JJ, they were not happy and started crying hysterically. I have a really good feeling this weekends visit with Santa will not go so well! Heck, Santa had a video message from them on the computer tonight and MJ and JJ ran from my computer crying hysterically and refused to watch unless I held them. Really? Wow, its gonna be an interesting weekend.
 Going outside to see the first snow of the winter!
 Watching Rodolph!
Very excited to see their Christmas Tree. They loved touching the bulbs and telling me which color of lights was their favorite. We have a much bigger one, but its in the room they are not aloud in. They can see it through the fire place, and they know that is where Santa will put their gifts. So Christmas morning should be fun!!!

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