Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here Come Santa!

 Okay mom, I sat on his lap, now where is my present?
 Get me outta here!
 Someone please get me now, please?
 I don't like this guy, where is my present?
 OH! There are the presents!
 Barbie Dolls!
 Mak loves the long hair on this one!
 Maysie loves her barbie doll! Later that day Mak asked me how she goes to the bathroom. What was I suppose to say, no clue!
 Jace was very happy with his Ken doll!
 Jaeli is a lot smarter than some may think... when they handed them the circles to toss in to the cups, the others tossed them as they said and missed and had to keep doing it until they got their prize (or so they though). As for Jaeli, she takes all of them at once and just sets them right there in one cup and takes a prize! Ha... she did it for almost every game! Smart cookie... cheater!
 Maysie was a good girl and played until she got it right!
 Mak trying to figure it out.
 Jace just wants to play with the bag!
Playing with their goodies from Santa!

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