Thursday, July 7, 2011

About The Girls Age 3

The girls enjoyed their birthday present from daddy! They had lots of fun!

Makenna: She has always been the most advanced, from day 1. She was the first to do everything, except potty training! She talks so much now, and you can understand almost everything she says. She even translates for the other two at times. She is so smart, she remembers everything she sees, everything you do and everything you say to her or anyone else. She is by far my sweetest girl, and has the most opinions. She knows what she wants and lets you know. She is still the boss at home, but away from home, she is the most shy. Once she warms up to you though, she is your best friend. She has a HUGE heart, she loves to give me hugs and kisses and tells me she loves me all the time. They do this thing where they wipe away my kisses to be funny. Well, I started to pretend to cry when they do it and no matter who's kisses I cry about , she will come give me a hug and kiss to make me feel better. It doesn't even have to be kisses, if I pretend to cry about anything, she will come make it all better and tell me she is going to make it better. Her kisses and hugs always make my bad days GREAT days! She is starting to say her alphabet better, can't understand it all, but I can make out a lot of letters in order. She usually stops at about R. She knows her numbers for the most part if she concentrates, but usually it's 1 2 6. She is learning some words to a variety of songs, twinkle twinkle little star, itsy bitsy spider and pop goes the weasel. Oh, and you now have to call her Mak, her name is Makenna Anne as she will say, but you have to call her Mak. She likes to ask questions and hear what everyone's names are. Occasionally she will call Josh and I by our names cause she can and she thinks its funny. If we call you on the phone and it goes to your voice mail and you don't respond to her when she says hi, she gets VERY mad at you. She is still my biggest and best eater. Salad is her favorite food, as well as condiments. She is always having to dip stuff and always wants more. Anything she can use as a dip, she wants! Oh I could go on and on! I love my Makenna, she makes me laugh every day!

Jaeli: She is by far my easiest child. Don't get me wrong, this child has a temper, but she is the best behaved, for the most part. She keeps to herself a lot and still loves to be cuddled. She is starting to talk a lot more, but can be very hard to understand her at times. She stares off into space a lot and ignores you if she is not interested in what you have to say. She LOVES mac n cheese and would eat it all day long if you let her. She is the most creative of the three. She is always coming up with creative ways to do things. I think she may be artistic like me! She is a follower and always follows Mak and Maysie's leads. She thinks its so funny to push my buttons. And then when she gets in trouble for doing it, she is DEVASTATED! She is the hardest to punish cause she just makes you feel so bad for her. She is the most scared of Monsters. It all started off as a game and pretend, and at times she takes it seriously. When you tell her there is a monster, she freaks. The word Monster is in their vocabulary daily, so its hard to avoid the subject. I know it scares her and I don't like to see her get so scared, I try to explain its pretend or that I told the monster to go home, but it doesn't always work. Mak likes to tease them with the Monster. It's a bad habit we started, but it has helped with naps and a few other things. She thinks that if she gets in bed, covers herself up with her blankets and closes her eyes, the monster can't get her. Before I even leave their room at night, she has her eyes closed, she does not want that monster to get her. One day the light was flickering in their closet so they think it was from the monster. So anytime you open the closet, she thinks the monster will come out and hides in the opposite corner. I have been working with her to try and ease her, so hopefully it will work soon and she wont be so scared. Sometimes I think it is all an act, but then again, if it's not, I don't want her to be so scared. She still loves to read and attaches to my mom a lot as usual. She picks certain people and attaches to them. Josh's cousin Hannah has been her favorite person for the last few months. She LOVES to go see her and sticks to her the entire time we are there. Talks about her often. We went over the other day and she was not there yet, but Josh's other cousin Maggie was and she attached to her. I think she thought she was Hannah. She is only trouble when she gets into her devil mode and pushes my buttons just enough to make me go crazy! My Jaeli Jo is a sweet heart and makes me smile every day.

Maysie: Oh Maysie, she is a handful but I love her so very much. She is my baby girl and can be so entertaining and lovey! She is by far the most dramatic of them all and I think that is where the trouble comes into play. If she does not get her way, she has the biggest tantrum you have ever seen, so much she is gagging. I have been starting to ignore her, but it goes on forever! I try to explain to her if she just tells me what is wrong, I can help her, but when she cries I can't understand her. She is still struggling with it, but we will get there. She is so tiny, but eats almost as much as Mak. She is very picky though. She will eat anything she knows, if she has not had it before, she usually wont eat it. She has done the best at potty training. I can honestly say she is 100 percent trained... during waking hours. I was in the store the other day with her and she fussed and fussed to go potty until I took her, she wanted nothing to do with her pull up she had on. Tonight she cried until I let her keep her underpants on for bed. I told her she had to wear a pull up in case she had an accident while sleeping, but refused, so we compromised and I let her put the pull up over her underpants.  So we will see if it is dry in the morning. Even outside swimming she will go potty. We have a new bedtime routine and they each go potty right before they get in bed, I think this has helped a lot keeping them dry at night. She wont let you do anything for her, she has to do everything all by herself, even putting on her own clothes. I no longer dress her, including her pull up. Such a big girl! She has done the best with swimming as well. After the second or third time swimming this summer, she was swimming all by herself and spinning around with just her arm floats. Mak and Jae do best with a tube as well as the arm floats and stay close to the wall. She loves to be held and cuddled and hates when someone else wants it at the same time or if I am too busy to hold her. I think we are going to start a new rule soon and no more holding except on occasion and when I am not busy. Ha...we will see how that goes. She is a very determined little girl. She knows what she wants and she will do whatever she can to get it. She is starting to sing songs with Mak and is always proud of herself after she does it. She also likes to hit me when she doesn't get her way, as well as telling me go away or she doesn't like me. She keeps me on my toes and loves to make me laugh!

I could say so much more, but not enough time! I will try to keep up with posting at least once a week, but no promises!

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