Sunday, July 3, 2011

Birthday Party 1 & 2 of 3!

 Playing with all their toys before I go through them and get rid of the ones they don't play with often to make room for the new ones!
 Three presents each for three, three year olds!
 Birthday morning, they refused to eat breakfast!
 Miss Jaeli reading her book!
 Mak opening her presents!
 Maysie very excited!
 Yes, I know, its bad, but I got a couple for Jace too, same things they got to help with the fighting!
 Mak playing doctor!
 Jaeli asking what it is!
 Daddy surprised me and the girls with a birthday present....a swing set!!! Thanks daddy, and thanks grandma J and grandpa for helping with it!
 Having fun in the pool at Grandma J's
 They share their birthday with their cousin Kailie, she turns 6 years old on the 6th of july. So we just celebrated all 4 of their birthdays.
 This was a mini party, so I just made them cup cakes and they shared a cake with Kailie. Maysie was not sure what to think.
 Makenna refused to blow her candle out, grandma J helped!
 Jaeli was nervous, this was their first official time blowing out the candle since last year, which they probably don't even remember.
 Finally get to eat their cupcakes! I think Mak ate three!
 This is their cake I made for their party today for Josh's family party. It was practice for their big party next weekend. Turned out pretty good!
 Jace enjoying the water at Aunt Sally's!
 Jaeli found a new best friend. I think she thought Maggie was Hannah, but hey, whatever works!
 Mr. Dare Devil had no fear around the pool. Those arm floats are the best invention ever! He kept going on his belly and sticking his feet in the water cause the ground was so hot. He would just lay there and kick his feet. Yes, he fell in a few times, but there was always someone there to catch him thank god! The arm floats kept him on his back for the most part.
 Jaeli having fun in the pool, swimming all by herself now!
 Miss Maysie having fun, also swimming all by herself now!
 And Miss Mak had fun playing on the stairs. She would swim on her own too, but preferred the stairs.
 Cake time! Maysie LOVED the frosting.
 Jaeli having a good time, didn't really care to eat though.
 I think Makenna ate her cake plus another piece!
 All the kids in a group shot. A lot of them were missing.
 Licking the icing off the animal!
 At this party, they also shared their party with cousin Drew. He had his face shoved in his cake!
 Jaeli opening presents!
 Maysie opening her presents!
And Mak opening hers, she waited all day for it and wanted more!

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